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Superficial Magic

Sep 27, 2018

One of the best ways to choose effective action steps is through synching your energy with the seasons of the universe. Our in house celeb astrologer Shawn Breathwaite explains exactly how to do this...but wait, wasn't he just a podcast guest? YES, BUT NOW IT'S FALL EQUINOX BITCH!!!!!!!!! There is a whole laundry list of fun steps you can take to maximize the new season. So this fall let's FALL in love, FALL into some knee socks and FALL into a giant pile of money. AMEN. 
Shawn speaks to the power of creating the perfect intention. Dana accuses Meagan of going out even though she so did not go out more than once or twice. During the taping of this podcast, Dana and Meagan synched their periods which is an amazing metaphor of "synching up" with the universe. To see more about Shawn, look up @astrologyuy on instagram. 
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