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Superficial Magic

Jul 24, 2019

Meagan does a solo podcast addressing the missing link between you and your rightful treasures. xxx

Jul 17, 2019

Put on your jammies because you’re invited to a Superficial Magic Slumber Party. Meagan talks to healer (and roommate) Ingrid Iversen and they discuss their 40 day Kundalini challenge, how breathwork changed Ingrid’s life, why Ingrid is trying to murder Meagan with essential oils and gives us a free Pranic Healing...

Jul 7, 2019

This episode is a Superficial Magic first! Both of this weeks guests choose to remain anonymous because of our stupid laws. They call themselves "mushroom connoisseurs" and the information they provide on this medicine is truly invaluable. We also speak a lot about synchronicity, chakras, ayurveda and food as medicine....