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Superficial Magic

Jan 17, 2020

Scott Tejerian shares his wisdom on birth charts with Superficial Magic! He explains astrology from a to z, and it's the perfect starting point for beginning or intermediate star babies who want to look deeper into their own story. Loves it so so much xx

Dec 14, 2019

New year, new you bitch! This episode gets us into the seasonal flow of the universe to optimize your ability to manifest. Shawn (aka Astrolgy Guy on all socials) shows us how to calculate our personal year number and how to align it with 2020 energy (hint: this year is all about consistency.) Get out of your head and...

Dec 6, 2019

Superficial Magic talks to Adalina East, a former United Nations therapist who specializes in trauma therapy. Adalina talks about getting to know (and trust!) her spirit guides, how trauma can negativly impact manifesting and the healing modality that was downloaded to her through her guides. BONUS: Adalina talks...

Nov 14, 2019

Great news!!! Money is energy and energy is something we can explore and expand. But how do we best use our energy system to create abundance? BY USING OUR CHAKRAS BITCH! Sandy Fernandez breaks down the pathways to money and how we can receive it. 


Nov 9, 2019

Ring ring, there’s another dimension  calling bitch. Answer the call with Akashic record reader Ana Estela as we explore soul purpose, soul mates, mother wounds, and everything in-between. Anna also recounts how hard the universe had to kick her ass to get her to follow her true calling. We can relate. Xx